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Hi, I’m Brittia - wife, mom, free-spirited cowgirl, wild-hearted health & wellness advocate, ultrasound technologist and your self-care tour guide. I live with my husband, son and baby girl on 20 acres in Texas—along with two horses, two dogs, two cats, a bunch of chickens and a growing cattle herd. You’ll probably catch them in the background (and often the foreground) of my workout videos.

About Me
Grab a cup of coffee and let's get to know each other. 

Self-care started at a really young age for me, however, at the time I never knew it was "self-care". At the young age of seven, I had my first seizure. From that point on I became hyper-aware of my body and the sensations in which it would use to alarm me or tell me when enough was enough. I have always been "strong-willed" as my family would say, but I have also always had a certain sense of awareness that some people don't pay attention to. At 9, I quit eating meat, I removed myself from my epilepsy medication and I paid close attention to the signals my body would send me. I wrote a blog about my experiences with epilepsy, so if you would like to hear more about how that shaped my life go check it out. For now, I will keep it simple and to the point.  

SELF-CARE was not innate, my mother put everything and everyone before herself, I saw that, took note of that, and didn't want that to be my future. As I said before, I had to discover my own self-care early on, so I wouldn't pass out, convulse and embarrass myself in public. But this has shaped my life as a mother too. In high school, my interest in yoga and controlling mindset intrigued me, as that carried over into my competitive rodeo life. Looking back I can pinpoint my favorite college courses (physiology, kinesiology, stress management) and I found a common theme...

I am obsessed with the human body and the way it works. 

During the past two years as a fitness coach, I realized that most women weren’t getting the results they wanted. They fell off track and sidelined their goals… not because they didn’t know what they needed to do, but because they weren’t ready.

They needed more than just fitness and nutrition advice—they needed to learn to take better care of themselves, in every way. I wanted to nurture these women. I wanted to lift them up.
I realized that devotion to self-care was the missing piece.
So I used my degree in Health Sciences, my training as a coach and my experience as a mom to design a new approach that allows women to discover where they are on their own journey, learn what they need to thrive and grant themselves permission to act as their own guide.
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Dance with the rainbow warriors with their hearts in the clouds and their feet on the ground.
~ Brittia Kubeczka ~
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